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Benefits of Drinking Sattu

Increases Appetite

Sattu, contains potassium and magnesium, which enhances appetite when consumed on an empty stomach. The body gets adequate essential nutrients and minerals by drinking sattu before breakfast.

Prevents Diabetes

Sattu’s health benefits include the prevention of diabetes and high blood pressure. Sattu is a sugarcane juice-like drink with a low glycemic index. As a result, the natural sugar will be released gradually.

Why You Need Sattu To Be Your Superfood!

Organic Chana Sattu benefits

Made from stone-ground 100% pure chana (Bengal Gram), our organic Sattu Powder will chill your spirit.

1. Organic Sattu is beneficial for a variety of reasons but its chief benefit is providing coolness to your stomach.

2. This Chana Sattu Powder can be used as energy drink for a day long work. It can be mixed in water or milk, based on preference, to make a cold beverage for summer.

3. Being one of the most healthy and thirst-quenching drinks, it also helps regulate blood sugar levels.

The best thing about Sattu flour is that it is ideal for diabetic patients as it is low in glycemic content which indicates that it doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to rise.

Sattu Channa is also great for people who have gluten-intolerance.

4. There is absolutely no gluten present in the desi chana from which the Sattu powder is obtained. Hence, this superfood takes care of people whose body is unable to digest gluten.

5. Sattu Chana can also be consumed post-workout as a protein drink as it is hydrating and is known to boost energy levels.

We prepare Sattu by uniquely roasting desi hughly nutritious Chana using the dry-roasting method so that none of the nutrients are lost in the process.

6. The desi Chana used for obtaining Sattu is brought from the farms around the ganga river in Bihar, where Sattu is widely used. The dry-roasted chana is later put to grind by stone.

With a belief in building a healthy future for the coming generations, we have been working towards the goal of offering traditional and unadulterated necessity products to its customers.

We take pride to be known for our 100% Pure, Organic and Natural ways of manufacturing.

We're Not Like the Others

100% Natural

✔️ No synthetic fillers.

✔️ No artificial colorants.

✔️ No flow agents.

✔️ No sugars or sweeteners.

Good For All

✔️ Vegan friendly

✔️ Gluten free

✔️ Non-GMO

✔️ Major allergen free

Potent & Powerful

✔️ Standardized Extracts

✔️ No mycelium, always fruiting body

✔️ Organic, when possible

Good For The Earth

✔️ Glass jars

✔️ Biodegradable packaging

✔️ Sustainable farming practices

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